Confirmation 2021

Confirmation is the ministry of our church through which young people are given the opportunity to claim faith in Jesus Christ as their own. The name “Confirmation” comes from the idea that people who are baptized as infants need an opportunity to confirm that baptism when they are able to make the decision for themselves. Really, Confirmation is a chance for the Holy Spirit to confirm the faith of our young people. If a person has not been baptized, then baptism (a sacrament) will be offered alongside the rite of confirmation.  A person in the confirmation process is known as a confirmand. Confirmation is more than just a series of classes and it is not an end unto itself. It is the continuation of one’s faith journey and the beginning of one’s formal covenant relationship with the church. Confirmands are expected to be fully engaged in the life of the church through worship, service, small groups, and involvement with other ministries. They should emerge from their confirmation experience with a sense of their own salvation and prepared to lead a life of Christian discipleship.
In our church, Confirmation is offered during the 6th Grade year. If you have a youth who has not been confirmed, but that is past the 6th grade, please contact any of our youth staff below. We regularly run shorter Confirmation classes for older students.
Please explore the tabs below. There is a place for you to learn more about the theology and underlying beliefs that support Confirmation. There is a place for you to register for our next Confirmation class.



This is an attempt to define terms and explain our understanding of what Confirmation is all about